Pink Blob

The World's Tastiest Bread

Tiger bread

Or in Dutch, tijgerbrood. It's named for the light-colored crevices on its dark crust that resemble tiger stripes.


efse is the crêpe of the North. It originates from Norway, is made with potatoes as an ingredient, and is usually served with butter, sugar, or jam.


It may not seem like it, but this bready treat is actually sweet. In South Korea, gyeran-ppang are a delicious street food.


Khachapuri is a dreamy bread made with normal bread dough and topped with cheese and an egg.


Challah is a Jewish staple and is usually eaten during Jewish holidays and the Shabbat. It is similar to a brioche: thick and spongy while sweet to taste.


In Uzbekistan, non takes center stage at the market. Every baker makes them differently with variations in design and nigella seed patterns.

Curry bread

This delectable and naughty bundle comes from Japan. It is a ball of curry, wrapped in batter and breadcrumbs, and then deep fried.

Pane carasau

If you have been to Sardinia in Italy, you may have encountered this crisp, oily bread. It is more commonly known as carta da musica.


This beautiful loaf is a sweet bread made for weddings specifically in Russia, Ukraine, and Romania.