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The Things You Should Never Say To Your Child

It’s my way or the highway

According to a study done at the University of New Hampshire, children of authoritarian parents—ones who demand compliance from children

You should be ashamed of yourself

Not only is shame unhealthy for people of all ages, it can make kids who have high self-esteem act aggressively, according to researchers at the University of Michigan.

You’re perfect

If your child has low self-esteem, you might think it’s a great idea to praise them highly when they do something well.

You’re so special

Naturally, many parents think their children are special. But telling a child they are better or more deserving of success than other kids can turn them into a little narcissist.

You’ll always be my little girl/boy

It’s natural for parents to want to protect their kids from harm. But it’s important to help them develop the skills and emotional resources needed to grow into independent adults.

Everything’s OK, I’m not upset

Parents are often advised not to let their children see when they’re upset.

Stop eating so much, you’re getting fat

Promoting healthy eating is great, but making negative comments about a child’s weight? Not so much.

Wait till your father gets home!

This phrase is so common, it was the name of a cartoon in the ’80s.

You’re so smart!

Repeatedly telling a child they’re smart might actually limit their future success and learning.

Because I said so!

Parenting expert Amy McCready says this phrase just plain doesn’t work and only creates a power struggle with your child.