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The Best Dog Breeds For Children

Labrador retriever

He is intelligent, loving, and easy to train. Therefore, in addition to being ideal for living with children, he's also often trained as a guide dog.


Though mischievous at times, the beagle is a sweet and kind dog for children. He can be overprotective.

English bulldog

Meek and quiet, the English bulldog is also a loyal, brave and loving dog. He's a fundamental companion for children.


There's nothing aggressive about a collie, and she's also very smart.

Golden retriever

It is easy to teach new things to a golden retriever, and it's also a very playful animal.

St. Bernard

The Saint Bernard is also known as the "nanny dog" because it behaves so excellently around children.

American boxer

A great messenger and exceptional guide, this dog loves to play.

German shepherd

The German shepherd is obedient, respectful, and adaptable to all circumstances.


A good dog! And cheerful too; she never gets tired of running and playing.


The Pug is very small, homely and a bit lazy... but when it comes to giving love and being by the side of the little ones, he has no rival.