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The 10 Most Popular Dog Breeds In The World

Cane Corso

This Italian breed is closely related to the Neapolitan Mastiff. It is a muscular dog, often used by police.

Bull Terrier

This English dog breed is part of the Terrier family of dogs. They are stubborn, but good with people, especially children.


This Chinese dog breed is thousands of years old. They are not hugely active dogs, but they still need to be taken for regular walks.

English Mastiff

This English breed of dog is very large in size, and has a very docile and gentle personality. They can weigh anywhere from 54-113 kg, and live for 6-12 years.

Jack Russell Terrier

This English breed of dog is highly energetic and generally enjoys good health. They are intelligent, vocal, and athletic by nature.


This Japanese dog breed is very large in size. Its nature is dominant, independent, and strong.

Great Dane

This German dog breed is giant in size and has a friendly and gentle nature. It is a good dog to have around children.

Border Collie

They need to be both stimulated mentally and exercised significantly more than most other dog breeds.

Australian Shepherd

They are very intelligent and have a lot of energy, and should be kept occupied and physically active for at least a couple of hours per day.


This German dog breed is highly intelligent and loyal. They are therefore often used as guard dogs.