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10 Simple Three-Ingredient Dishes ANYONE Can Make

Cacio e pepe

The silky pepper and Parmesan sauce is made with a little of the pasta cooking water, which makes the pepper and cheese stick to the spaghetti.

Sticky soy salmon

Brighten up a fillet of salmon with a sticky soy glaze. For four salmon fillets, mix together 4tbsp soy sauce and 2tbsp runny honey.

Halloumi fries

These make the best snack or starter, with just a hint of spice in the flour coating. Serve with a spicy tomato dip.

Frozen pea soup

Most of us have a bag of frozen peas in the freezer, so you can rustle up this tasty soup in around 10 minutes.

Barbecue chicken wings

Most barbecue sauces you buy are a little sweet, but you can still make some fab wings with very little.

Tomato bruschetta

A bruschetta, usually served as a snack or starter, is so quintessentially Italian because of its simplicity.

Tomato sauce for pasta

Making your own tomato sauce for pasta is so simple, it's not worth buying. Sweat down a large, finely chopped onion in olive oil until soft.

Teriyaki chicken

There's no harm in buying a jar of teriyaki sauce to make a great chicken dinner.

Black bean soup

Season well, add a good pinch of dried chilli flakes and dried oregano. Bring to the boil, simmer for five minutes, then blend with a stick blender until you have a chunky purée.

Smoked salmon frittata

Smoked salmon trimmings are good value too, so you have a bit of luxury for less.