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Delicious Pastries And Desserts From Around The World

Mango mousse

This is a popular dessert in Asia, specifically in Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand, Malasya, and Macau.

Crème brûlée

Crème brûlée is a cream with a crust of caramelized sugar. It can be flavored with vanilla, liquor, or other ingredients.

Dutch oliebol

This is a traditional dessert in The Netherlands, especially on New Year's Eve. They say it is the precursor of the American doughnut.


Cholado is a typical fruit salad from the Cauca Valley in Colombia. It is prepared on a scraped ice base to which fruits and condensed milk are added.

Arroz con leche

This dish is part of the gastronomy of several countries. Asian traders took the rice to Europe and Africa.


Blini is a traditional pancake from Slavic countries (Russia, Ukraine, Poland). It can be served with smoked fish.


Baklava is a typical Turkish dessert made with honey and a paste of pistachios, nuts, or other dried fruit from the region.

Coconut and Pandan Agar

This is a tropical and exotic dessert from Thailand called Wun Gati Bai Tuey.

Chicha morada

The 'Chicha morada' is a dessert made from corn, enjoyed in Peru since pre-colonial times. It includes fruit and is served with cinnamon sprinkled on top.

Sacher cake

It is one of the most famous gastronomic specialties of the city and several establishments have tried to imitate its recipe.