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9 Tips And Tricks For Tasty Homemade Pizza

The best flour to use

Strong Italian 00 flour, or pizza flour, is the best flour to give a crisp, light crust with lots of big, airy pockets. It's very finely ground and the Italians love it for pasta-making too.

Making dough

Pizza dough consists of just four ingredients – flour, yeast, water and salt. It's by working and kneading the dough.

Allow the dough to rise

Leaving enough time for the dough to rise will give it a better structure and improve the flavour.

Rolling out the dough

Once the dough is ready to shape into pizzas, it will be stretchy and pliable, so you can pull it into shape with your hands

Sauce: fresh tomatoes

A fresh tomato sauce for pizza needs a specific type of cooking tomato, namely San Marzano. They have thick skins and flesh, and contain much less water than salad tomatoes.

Sauce: tinned tomatoes

There's nothing wrong at all with using tinned tomatoes for the sauce. However, buy Italian plum tomatoes, preferably San Marzano.

Sauce: passata

For a speedy, easy sauce, try using passata – tomato sauce which has been strained of its skin and seeds. Good Italian brands will be thicker and sweeter so buy the best quality you can.

Cheese: block mozzarella

Mass-produced block mozzarella is used for commercial pizzas, as well as for home-cooked. It's quite solid

Cheese: buffalo mozzarella

For an authentic Italian pizza, buffalo mozzarella is the cheese of choice.