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9 Delicious Dips Perfect For Your Next Party

Thousand island

Often used as a salad dressing, homemade thousand island makes a great dip too.

Caramelised onion

This dip is simple to make, although you need a little time to properly caramelise the onions.

Blue cheese

Blue cheese mixed with mayo, sour cream, lemon and garlic is the go-to accompaniment to buffalo chicken wings.


A Tex-Mex favourite, queso is a spicy hot cheese dip that requires a little cooking but it's minimal effort.

Baba ghanoush

Also known as aubergine caviar, this is a Middle Eastern classic made from aubergine, tahini, garlic, yogurt and lemon.


You may think of ranch as a dressing for salad but it makes a great dip for vegetable crudités.

Tomato salsa

It's just a fact that store-bought tomato salsa never tastes as good as homemade. Ready-made salsas are often too soggy and much too sweet.

Ginger and watercress mayo

A homemade mayo with punchy ginger and peppery watercress goes so well with roast chicken.

Hot and spicy tomato

This dip with a kick is just divine with potato wedges. A can of tomatoes is simmered with garlic, dried oregano and chilli flakes, then blitzed.