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10 Speedy Noodle Recipes To Cosy Up To

Beef noodle soup

Ready in less than half an hour, the warming broth full of spice is combined with rice noodles and thinly sliced beef.

Salmon noodle bowl

Noodle bowls have slowly but surely gained popularity and become a lunch staple for many.

Chicken katsu noodles

A satisfying combination of crunchy strips of crispy chicken katsu and silky udon noodles, this recipe has plenty of flavour too.

Chicken chow mein

Chicken chow mein is always a winner and you can make a sped-up version using shredded leftover chicken.

Miso ramen

A ramen recipe is a great one to have in your repertoire, as you can add whatever is lingering in the fridge to it.

Satay noodle stir-fry

The star of this simple recipe is the irresistible four-ingredient satay dressing.

Coconut chicken noodles

This Burmese dish ohn no khauk swe is lightly spiced, rich with coconut and sure to blow away any cobwebs on a chilly evening.

Miso cod ramen

This light, savoury ramen allows the cod to be the star of the dish by pairing it with green vegetables and noodles.

Moon udon

A traditional Japanese recipe dedicated to the popular autumnal pastime of moon viewing, this egg and noodle bowl is full of goodness.

Mushroom chow mein

This Sichuan mushroom chow mein is simple and packs a flavour punch.

10 Speedy Noodle Recipes To Cosy Up To