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10 Good Reasons Not To Have Children

Kids cost a lot of money

Raising kids isn’t cheap, especially in our modern, developed world.

Kids will make you sleep-deprived

Kids, especially newborns, can keep you up at night. But it’s not just newborns.

Kids are bad for your sex life

It’s a well-known fact that sexual intimacy tends to decline after you have a baby.

Kids are terrible for the environment

According to one study, as reported by The Independent, “Having children is the most destructive thing a person can do to the environment.”

Babies make a lot of trash

Every year, babies in North America are responsible for using 30 to 40 billion disposable diapers that end up in landfills.

Kids can hurt your earning power

It’s unfair, but it’s true: having kids can negatively affect parents’—especially women’s—salaries.

Kids can cause you to lose friends

Due to a lack of time, busy schedules, and changing priorities, kids can have a negative impact on even your closest friendships

Kids are bad for your health

Although the men also had negative outcomes after becoming fathers, the data was particularly worrisome for mothers

Kids are bad for your mental health

While many assume that having children is the key to happiness, there is evidence that proves the contrary

Kids can stress you out

There’s little doubt that kids can really stress their parents out, from demanding all your time and attention to putting stress on your pocketbook.