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10 Chocolate Recipes That Are Not Desserts

Chicken mole

Chicken mole, or pollo con mole, is a Mexican dish that uses chocolate in the sauce. The recipe includes plenty of warming spices to provide a complementary flavour.

Beef stew with chocolate

The secret ingredient in this beef stew is a high-quality 90% dark chocolate. It adds a depth and richness of flavour to a hearty cold-weather meal.

Chocolate baked beans with mole

This hearty side dish is quick and easy to prepare, yet so flavourful. The sauce is finished with unsweetened chocolate.

Chocolate pasta

You might have seen pasta in shades of red, green, and even black—but have you ever seen chocolate brown pasta? This pasta is best dried for just an hour or two before using.

Cocoa salmon

The humble salmon fillet gets a delicious upgrade with the addition of unsweetened cocoa to a savoury spice blend.

Chocolate barbecue sauce

You’ll want to smear this chocolate barbecue sauce on everything from short ribs to chicken.

Cocoa-rubbed baby back ribs

Warm spices like cinnamon, allspice, and ginger get a boost from the addition of cocoa powder in this dry rub.

Chocolate-covered potato chips

This snack of chocolate-covered potato chips satisfies the craving quite nicely.

Chile ancho sopa de chocolate

Served with a variety of garnishes, it gets its depth of flavour from blackened vegetables and the addition of semi-sweet chocolate.

Cacao nib pesto

The addition of cacao nibs to traditional pesto lends a smoky flavour. Try it on toasted crusty bread, or mixed with your favourite pasta shape.